Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I’ve been preparing for a major test and had unfortunately only slept for 3 hours, which lead to me waking up late and heading to school without changing.  Unexpectedly, God decided to part the 60 freeway and allow me to sail right through. This miracle permitted a quick stop by 7-11 for some good morning juice and a Homer Simpson donut (You know the cute sprinkled, pink ones?) The cashier approached me as I was pouring my coffee and asked if I was ok…. I guess the pajamas, uncombed hair, and red eyes gave me away…...Oh shucks.  He told me he could sense I needed help and said something in another language (a spell perhaps?) After I looked at him oddly he said that it was a saying in his culture to bring me luck. That luck kicked in immediately, he then ushered me over to the glass case with the rotating, over processed and over cooked food. He offered me one item for free and I gladly picked some type of mutant taquito off the conveyor belt. Once, I got to school tried to discretely eat food in the library without getting caught. I could sense someone behind me and thought I had certainly been busted when the person behind put a cherry Coke on my table and said “I just bought it but you should have it”. It happened to be this Asian kid I took Physics with last semester.  I took a compacted course with the lab portion immediately following the lecture. In order to stay awake I’d always come prepared with coffee, sodas, and treats to keep me fueled. One day I happened to bring two sodas and he kept glaring at them with coveting eyes until he straight out asked if he could have one. He then explained that his parents wouldn’t let him have sugar, caffeine, or even the freedom of carrying money in fear that they couldn’t monitor how he spent it. I agreed he could have my Coke under the condition that he use his brain for good and help me with homework.  Five cokes later I told him that it was time he make his own freedom and tutor other students onside.  He told me he had taken my advice and that he had bought the Coke with his new earns and was about to chug it when he saw me. Further proof of increasing good luck…..I’d say so.
I love the odd balls I meet!
On a more exciting note Matt made me an amazing last meal of my 23rd year of life and Joann surpised me with a sweet gift.  I've been feeling the love this week:)

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