Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Triple Threat!!!

September has arrived!!
(1st Annual Triple Threat)
Check out this sequence:
Candice 23, 9-9-88
Jessica 24, 9-13-87
Christa 25, 9-17-86
For those who don't do well with recognizing patterns, we're born  4 days and one year after the next. Is this a message from the cosmos, perhaps? Or an excuse from the party gods, allowing us to host a combined party each year? My vote is for both. I hope you will be joining our 3rd Annual Triple Threat celebration this Friday at Hedz or Tales!! Let's get together and make some mad decisions, and then I can write about them:)

Never doubt a 5'8 woman that rocks 4 inch heels on the daily. Every time we go out there's either a Big Black or Lil Wayne wanna be trying to buy her a Bentley. True story, and yes multiple offers have been made. It must be because she's a loyal friend, free spirited, musical melting pot, and whiskey drinking bad ass. She's also the second person to get ink in my honor (winning!!). Christa, we've laughed, cried, and grown up together. In the brightest and darkest moments of my life you've always been my light and stood strongly by my side. You have and will always be family, love you.

CANDICE WILLIS (formally know as Gregory)
My best memories with Candice come from the semester we took ROP Auto. We had no business in that class but I guess at that age being the only girls in a class of 50 guys was entirely our business. Plus, our teacher only required we attend 30mins of the 3 hour class, so routinely we’d picked up Christa, drove around town, visited other friends, ate In-N-Out and rocked out to music. On July 30th I had the pleasure of watching her marry the man of her dreams. She's the most kind hearted girl you'll ever meet and truly deserves all the happiness in the world. Much love and Emo Nuggets (inside joke).

 I never thought that I, the same girl whose father nicknamed her Jessie James would turn into such an emotional cheese ball! Very fitting name, I suppose, after all as a child I wanted to be a professional boxer, enjoyed watching movies like Blood Sport, and whenever my Dad tried to discipline me I'd just giggle.... oh the memories. Now back to the emotional stuff, I am such a blessed girl and I am so thankful for the lasting friendships I have. I love you ladies and I can't wait for Friday's debauchery!

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