Tuesday, August 23, 2011

You call it gluttony, I call it the good life.

I’m rounding off my first month in Los Angeles and I must report it’s been glorious!! Essentially, Matt and I have been hosting nightly house parties for one another - we've been sampling a variety of new foods, beers, and wines (Heaven, right?). The drawback to all of these appetizing treats and libations is that they are ridden with ungodly amounts of calories. Matt is growing concerned that we are turning into those "just three drinks a night" kind of people. I responded that I don’t mind being the one drink a night kind of people… needless to say he wasn’t amused. We agreed a change was needed and decided to reinstate things like water and fruit back into our diets. Alas, our new nutritional restraints were short lived. This past weekend consisted of these amazing establishments and outings: Porto’s Bakery, 5 Guys Burgers and Fries, Chomps, Roman Cucina, and Mark’s Birthday.
 One of the benefits of being the girlfriend of someone who doesn't eat cheese is that when your man orders a hamburger and they mistakenly add cheese... FREE BURGER!

I think the man upstairs thought it was about he intervened in our health crisis and delivered this beauty:

Not that God directly addressed me, but I'm pretty sure if he did it would have gone something like this, “Jessica, I’m going to make this painfully easy for you. Here is a treadmill, it’s free, and there are able men nearby to transport it for you.” When we first noticed the forgotten exercise apparatus, there was a misguided couple attempting to cram this behemoth into their fuel efficient (read: TINY) vehicle. Once they had accepted defeat, I marched Matt and Danny right over to collect my divine prize. Despite it's antiquated nature, it works like a charm. Matt keeps calling it a dinosaur; I prefer the term “high functioning Antique”.
Ed. Note: As I am finishing this entry, Matt and I are sitting on the roof enjoying a cold beer and glass of wine, respectively. We'll start tomorrow.


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  2. The treadmill has still not made its way to LA, just fyi, in case you had forgot =P