Friday, August 26, 2011


New word: willowwacks- a wooded, uninhabited area.
It's an odd sounding word, but I do love what it implies: portions of space yet to be "habitated". Of course, I have no use for this word in the literal sense; I immediately thought of it metaphorically- as in, "the uninhabited regions of my soul" or, "the uncharted corners of my heart". With all the immeasurable things that make up our beings, surely there are portions of ourselves yet undiscovered? Absolutely, there must be fragments of our hearts yet unearthed? Nearly every day I find myself twisted up in thoughts and questions about my existence. I’ve always been afraid to admit that I,  much like everyone else have bugs and corks in need of repair. I’m learning to welcome the undiscovered and unearthed rather than fear it.
On a lighter note:
Failing again......and NO those aren't all ours, we had guests (my lips may or may not still be purple ekk). I'm excited for more nights on the roof and all the people who are coming to visit in the next two weeks!

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