Saturday, August 20, 2011

Proposal from a stranger….

I’m not a huge Starbucks fan but once in a while I require a glass of good morning juice in order to avoid malfunctioning. Yesterday was one of those particular days, except no coffee could stun me the way this homeless man did. When I drove up I saw a long haired, I just rolled in the dirt, looking homeless man. No big deal, this is Los Angeles and in some areas they seem to account for the majority. I gave him a dollar, we exchanged a smile and I went about my mission.  MISSION DERAIL … I could sense someone trespassing into my personal bubble. My assumption was correct, there was Joe Dirt smiling ear to ear showing off his best and only 7 teeth. He looked me dead in the eye and said “When this great country reinstates polygamy I would like to have you as one of my wives.” (I’m currently vomiting in my mouth btw) What do you say to that? Without much thought I replied, “Homeboy you’re a bit disgusting.” He caught me off guard and that was all my sometimes ghetto brain could produce. Another day/ Another crazy!

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