Saturday, August 13, 2011

Breakfast with a stranger…

Roughly 3 months ago a woman from Glendale called into my work and requested a personal shopping appointment with me. After examining her name and information I was puzzled because she certainly wasn’t my client.  She came through the doors with open arms, kisses on both cheeks, and the typical did you change your hair? Blah Blah Blah, typical woman bullshit. (And no, I haven’t lost weight, but thanks for asking!) Her excitement toward this nonexistent relationship and the presence of her best friend lead me to the decision of not embarrassing her or questioning her affection. Though awkward, the experience was both entertaining and profitable. Miss Overbearingly Creepy and her partner in crime spent some serious cash. Upon leaving they demanded we exchange information and allow them to take me out once I moved to Los Angeles. Who was I to say no? At this point I was beyond flattered and my register was full.
Fast forward…….
After calling LA home for about a week, I decide “what the hell” and gave my brand new best friend a call. Her particular brand of oddness was wildly intriguing, and I am a blend of adventurous and crazy – I’d be betraying myself J I was unable to even exchange pleasantries before she had rattled off a location and time for our rendezvous.  After agreeing to her plans, I realized that this is how people find themselves in trunks and bathtubs full of ice. I could feel her excitement for our date over the telephone, and I figured she was welcome to my kidneys as long as I got a good meal out of it.  She arrived in her brand new Lexus, rocking leather driving gloves (Fabulous, right?). She ordered at least 10 different items on the menu, insisting I sample an array of her favorites. Now that I had her intoxicated with rich food and alone, I was determined to find out her story. She is a world traveler, visiting London, the Philippines, and one new country each year. Her family has a history of bad health and she suffered a stroke that left her temporarily paralyzed.  She sees no reason to sit o the side lines and watch life past by.  She had me thinking of my own future and all the places Matt and I want to explore.  It was wonderful to see someone live life on their own terms without regret. I no longer fear this woman (nor do I anticipate my body being sold off for parts) and genuinely look forward to spending time with her again, though I still don't know how she found me... Three cheers to chance encounters!
BTW, these are my lastest obsession!
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