Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Pliny the Younger

When Facebook notified me of an invite titled "Pliny the Younger" at a nearby bar I assumed it was a band. My husband quickly educated me that it is actually a tasting of the 3rd best beer in the WORLD. I quickly agreed to go and found myself the following Saturday occupying spot 174 of 380 in a 3 hour line. Luckily, that spot was right in front of a Mexican restaurant and diagonale from my caffeine and cake pop making queen, Starbucks. There is nothing a breakfast burrito and a ball of cake can't fix, including cold concrete! We didn't anticipate the crowd but events like this cause all walks of life to emerge from their Hobbit and Harry Potter holes (not an exaggeration). 
 Time for my review! Let's be honest, it is hard measure excellence by taste because we all have different preferences. For myself, it was like nothing I ever tried and my taste buds danced. The weight of it is very light and almost felt soft in my mouth. It smells amazing with hints of citrus, pine and grapefruit. Compared to most IPAs it's on the easier side to drink and I highly suggest my lady friends not to fear it.

Another Saturday, another Adventure.

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