Friday, March 28, 2014


Spring Break, Mid-twenties Style:
(Editor's note: This is my electronic journal...It can get long and boring. I write because I want to remember all the little parts of my life.)

1. We Started a Garden...more like a few potted friends but a promising start none the less. My goal is to keep these friends alive because sadly, we have been placed on the DO NOT gift plant list! The black listing was well deserved after my last garden went from green and glorious to scarecrows and Death Valley creatures. Yes, it was crunchier, dryer and sadder than Aquanet styled hair.

(Our Situation reminds me the end of 28 days later-
Store Owner- Sir, I can't replace the plant because you killed it.  Gerhardt- It is sick or something. I gave it everything. I talked to it, I told it stories and I drew a sketch of it and put it on my refrigerator. Store Owner- Did you water it?)
2. Made a Meal Off of Pinterest. My addiction to that site is real. I can't sleep without a 30 minute session of surfing, finger cramping and pinning each night. I'm trying to work through this problem with a three step program: 1. Search, 2. Pin and 3. Execute!
3. Working out. I've completed 3 hikes and 1 very long bike ride. I wish I could be a gym rat but I too easily lose focus and get bored. I'm trying to be a healthier person and to intensify my quest I've given up soda and all vending machine snacks for Lent. It has ruined my Jack and Coke game but other than that I don't miss any of it.
 4. Painting With a Twist! I use to love painting as a kid and even had a piece published in a calendar. Last night my friend and I jumped on the opportunity to get our drink and paint on at a studio our friend from high school works at. We are now addicted and planning private parties with all our friends. Haha.
5. Realizing that I'm changing and growing up. I'm a very happy person with a very good life but this week I've been uncontrollably happy (like when you order french fries and 3 curly fries sneak in/teletubbies dancing on a hill kind of HAPPY!). I've had time to focus on myself, regroup and relax. I've had the time to cook for Matt and each dinner has felt like a mini date. I've had time to sit around my parent's kitchen table and laugh and joke with all my siblings. I don't think a day goes by where I don't speak or text with someone in the Mungia clan and it was nice to be with everyone under one roof.  I always tell people I'll never be able to say "I want to give kids what I didn't have" because my parent's worked so hard to provide for us and have raised 4 strong adults who really love and support each other (Love you Mom & Dad).

I am thankful for all I have. It has been a perfect week.

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  1. Girl I love this post! Yesterday I bought a flower pot that has a bunch of succulent plants in it so I'm hoping I don't kill it. I also have been hiking a lot! Spring hasn't really hit Arkansas yet so everything is still gross and dead but it's nice to get out into the air. And I've always wanted to do painting with a twist! I feel like we mirror lives sometimes haha Happy Spring!