Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Matt and I are rounding up our first year of marriage. I've been told by many it would be the most difficult year we’ll ever experience but it has truly been that most beautiful of our relationship. I always knew that one day I’d fall in love and get married but never did I image the crazy-mad romance I share with him. When it comes to holidays we have unspoken guidelines. I can always anticipate a show stopping card, one serious age appropriate gift and another that it either childish or linked to a inside joke...who doesn't love jewelry and a hooded cat blanket? Our Valentines day consisted of sweet gifts and a fast food dinner purchased with coupons while in route to Disneyland for drinks & dessert. We stayed till the park closed and talked about our wishes for the future and how far we've come from our first date that took place there nearly five years ago. I'm blessed to have spent this day with my forever Valentine, I love you Matt.  

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