Friday, November 16, 2012

Friday Letters

Dear Breaking Dawn, Hater gonna hate but I love you, always have and always will. Are you really over? Because my friends and I who've attended every one of your midnight premieres wouldn't mind another movie. Just promise me you'll think about it? Team Edward for life.

Dear Homeowners Associate, Matt and I don't exactly hold the best/any record of attendance at your meetings but with your recent transgressions against style and good taste, I'm forced to emerge from the shadows and begin flexing my Unit 4 power!  I appreciate our freshly painted community but would have certainly campaigned against the person(s) who chose a color palette inspired by Gerber baby food. Shame on you! Martha Stewart would have your head!

Dear Taco Bell and Wine, You're the Two Musketeers and the two best friends anyone can have! Thanks for keeping me sane when I ran out of gas this morning after attempting to fill up at three stations where I was met by closed doors, caution tape and out of order signs. Today was my day off and so far it has been spent in all the wrong places.  

Dear Matt, What are you doing in 168 days? I'm thinking it would be cool if I wore a pretty white dress and kissed you in front of 250 people. Oh and then maybe we'd could dance and have some cake? Let me know if your free. XOXO.

Dear Blog, In the next week we'll start hanging out on a regular basis again. Pinky Promise!

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