Saturday, February 25, 2012

Retro Saturday

Oh, Suzie Q, Oh Suzie Q, I love you, Suzie Q!
Jeans: Michael Kors, Scarf: $5 from yesterday's sample sale, Purse: Vintage Dooney and Burke,
Shirt and Wedges: Ann Taylor

Close up of the text on my scarf; so sweet, right?
My trip to the garment district was a complete success. I snatched up a purse, scarf, dress, two shirts, and belt for $43 buckaroos!
The Shirt, belt, and skirts are all from the sample sales and total a pretty $11.

Other neat photos from my trip:
One of the home decor show rooms, since buyers shop at the least 6 months in advance the whole floor was done up like a winter wonder land.

Sky showroom and their 2013 crusie wear!


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