Sunday, February 19, 2012

Hello Sunday!

Hello Ocean!
Hello Buffalos!
Hello Malibu Wine Country!
Hello amazing sign!
Hello cute boyfriend who took me on the best date ever!

Today Matt and I drove up PCH and through the hills of Malibu for the perfect Sunday date. The Malibu Family Winery offers a beautiful atmosphere, live music, and an open door to outside food. You're literally able to bring picnic baskets full of treats, blankets, and board games to entertain yourself all day.
Our tiny spread... rookies, I know. Below are a group of retired regulars we made friends with. They shared their food, wine knowledge, and humor with us, not to mention completely sold me on wanting to get a membership. I hope that when I reach my golden years, I'm able to enjoy my Sundays in a similar fashion with a great group of friends like this.
I can't wait to return, want to go with me?

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