Friday, February 10, 2012

LA hoodlums

I’m completely fascinated by the show Gangland (Matt and I own the complete series on DVD) but don’t exactly want to be involved in any real life action. Yesterday I had a random little shift that forced me to brave the 10 freeway at 4pm (oh the agony) turning my normal 18 minute commute into an hour. Midway through my journey I found myself (nice Orange County girl in a beettle) sandwiched between an Asian woman in a Camry and two gangster girls in a trashed 90’s Camaro.  I knew this sandwich was going to be trouble when the Asian woman wouldn’t stop swaying in and out of my lane. I wanted to lay on my horn and yell, “Hello!!!! We are only moving 10 mph!!! What is your malfunction?” but instead I maturely slowed my speed to nearly nothing and allowed her to do her thing. The Asian woman then began doing the same dangerous dance with the gangster girls.  The less forgiving gangsters then began yelling all kinds of madness at her. I swear the Asian woman was completely obliviously to all of this and proceeded to cut them off. BIG MISTAKE! On the open freeway one of the gangster girls got out of her car and stomped out the lady’s head light. My thoughts at the current time... oh shit, don't hurt me, I promise I didn't see a thing! I quickly dropped my head in the fear of making even the slightest eye contact with the light stomper.
Lesson of the day: Stereotypes typically are correct.

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